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    Doug Pitassi watches out for the many employees that work at Pacific Office Automation every day, in addition to helping customers and clients. He recalls what it was like to be a new employee at the organization, and he recalls a lot of learning opportunities that he still uses now. He works closely with individual employees and staff members to ensure they have the resources they need to succeed. He makes himself available to guide them in the proper direction and to assist them avoid some of the blunders he made when he first started out. As a result, the business has expanded to become one of the largest in the sector.


    Despite his enormous accomplishments, Douglas Pitassi is constantly learning. He recognizes that the industry is competitive, and that if he wants to maintain Pacific Office Automation on top, he must keep up with the latest advances and best practices. That is why he makes use of all of his business connections to ensure that his company is the first to offer the latest products and services at the best possible price. Even though the company has grown greatly in recent years, this level of hustling and hard work has remained consistent.


    Douglas Pitassi is quite active in the local community when he is not working hard at Pacific Office Automation. He recognizes that his company would not be where it is now without the help of everyone in the community, which is why he takes advantage of every opportunity to give back to others. He always makes himself available to individuals in need, whether it's through offering his time or his professional experience. This kind of altruism hasn't gone unnoticed, as he's earned a reputation as a nice, hardworking man who is always willing to help those in need.


    He also has a diverse range of interests and hobbies. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, especially his two grandchildren, and he also enjoys attending local sporting events. He enjoys spending time outside, and the Pacific Northwest has plenty of magnificent landscapes. He also enjoys camping since it allows him to reconnect with nature. He enjoyed sharing his musical abilities as a drummer in a band.

    He is always eager to learn new things and enjoys assisting others in achieving their objectives. Douglas Pitassi's career at Pacific Office Automation has been characterized by this, and it will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Where Doug Pitassi and Pacific Office Automation go from here will be fascinating to see.

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